The Crew, “Ahoy Matey!”

Galina Debordeaux RhumbeastGalina is a digital marketer and freelance writer who has been embracing the spirit of adventure for many years now. Traveling as much as possible – even getting blacklisted by some countries along the way – she has made it her mission to see the world.

One day she came up with a bold proposition, “Let’s buy a sailboat and sail through the Caribbean!” With nearly zero prior experience, the idea took hold. This new adventure has been Galina’s biggest endeavor of all.

Onboard Talaria she is the navigator and official storyteller, and like many daring sailors before her, the waves seem to double in height each time she retells her tales of the sea.



Romain Debordeaux Rhumbeast

Romain is a data scientist who became dissatisfied with experiencing the world through a blue screen. So, to solve his dilemma, he began to draw inspiration from his thrill-seeking compatriots and grew a healthy interest in discovering things for himself.

Never to shy away from a challenge, he accepted the crazy idea to sail a little 34-foot sailboat from New York to the Caribbean. It has been his biggest and most exciting adventure to date.

On land Romain is known as “the numbers guy,” but onboard Talaria he is the official photographer and a big diving enthusiast. He prefers to spend most of his time in the water, capturing all the moments under the sea, while building up his diving hours to become a diving master.