It starts with a crazy idea. What if we take a year off to sail the Caribbean? Sounds incredible, right? Except we don’t know how to sail, we certainly don’t have a boat, the funds, nor the experience. The list of why you shouldn’t do something usually goes a little like that. Rational, sound advice no doubt, but if we always listened to it we’d never get anywhere.

The more important and certainly more interesting question is, why not? It will require some know-how, yes, but we can learn. We can commit to this crazy idea now and start saving, working hard to make our dream come true. We can buy a sailboat and take on a new challenge, embrace a new adventure, and be open to the possibility of something else. Something beyond the rat race, beyond the 9 to 5.

Then that little voice in the back of your mind suddenly grows stronger and begins to question everything.

But maybe right now isn’t a good time. What about our careers; we’re on a good trajectory here and it could slow us down to walk away from it. What about our apartment; we have to keep paying the mortgage. What about our friends and family; we’ll miss so many moments in one year. What about kids?

These are just some of the many, many questions we get asked as well as ask ourselves. But no matter how much we debate the idea, it’s just one year. One year to have the adventure of a lifetime, to challenge ourselves in a completely different way, and to give ourselves a new sense of freedom.

Work will always be there, money will always be a concern, and friends and family can always visit. We can sublet the apartment, and as for kids, who the hell knows. It’d certainly be a great story to share with them and hopefully instill a sense of wonder that inspires them to see the world.

When Romain and I said our vows on our wedding day we both made a promise to each other to embrace a life of adventure. We don’t know where that promise will lead us but this a great place to start. Most people hold themselves back and push things off to a later date, but then never actually get to do it. Life is runaway train and you have to make the conscious decision to hop off sometimes.

The better, more interesting question to ask is, why not?

Why not try to find something more satisfying, more exciting, more off the beaten path? What will happen if we do? We’ll surely meet some incredible people along the way, make new connections, take on challenges, struggle, learn many lessons, laugh, cry, the list could go on and on. But one thing for certain is we’ll prove to ourselves that what can start as a crazy idea can truly become a beautiful reality.

So pass me the rhum, hold on tight, and lets get this adventure on its way. I hope you’ll follow our journey, perhaps find a little inspiration, or at the least learn from our mistakes, as I’m certain there will be many.



2 thoughts on “Deciding to Sail the Caribbean

  1. What an inspiring article. You guys are amazing, certainly crazy but absolutely right. Thanks for reminding us to hop off the runaway train of life! I will definitely follow you! Can we susbscribe to the mailing list to receive an alert when you post something? Or on Facebook?

    1. Thank you, Agathe! Yes we’re considering to start a mailing a list and will keep you updated. We’ll also share new posts on FB when they are published.

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