With three weekends on the boat under our belt, we have a much better idea of what still needs to be done and of course what we have accomplished so far.

Things we still have to do:
  1. Take diesel engine class
  2. Change the raw water pump for the engine, we have a leak in the front and back of the pump requiring a full replacement (part purchased, just need to install)
  3. Purchase and install a bimini
  4. Purchase main sail cover
  5. Clean all running rigging
  6. Purchase new running rigging as necessary
  7. Fix head (currently the pump does not pump in sea water, we most likely need to replace the whole toilet)
  8. Replace holding tank sanitation hoses and vent hose
  9. Wash sail bags to remove mold
  10. Get our head sail patched (multiple tears around the leech and foot)
  11. Wax hull
  12. Repaint boat name and home port
  13. Install solar panels
  14. Install inverter for 110 volt outlets
  15. Replace outlets in head and galley with GFCI outlets
  16. Purchase GPS/Chartplotter
  17. Purchase and install wind cowls for below-deck ventilation
  18. Re-wire mast lights (which were incorrectly plugged in after the last demasting)
  19. Purchase new anchor chain
  20. Get both the v-berth and head door to close
  21. Replace hatch in the v-berth
  22. Replace gasket in saloon hatch
  23. Replace gasket in v-berth ports
  24. Purchase and install cockpit table
  25. Check water pressure (we had a failure the last time we tried to turn it on)
  26. Replace leaky faucet in head
Almost Completed:
  1. Clean both water tanks and filters
  2. Clean all below-deck wood surfaces with Murphy’s Oil Soap (mostly done, need to finish the quarter berth)
  3. Clean on deck teak (just need to finish the toe-rail)
  4. Hatch cover/curtains (these are made, just need to attach the velcro)
  5. Remove all mold from the inside of the hull where accessible (this is mostly completed just need to get a couple of small lockers)
Completed projects:
  1. Replace a shackle that connects the main to the mast and purchase additional spares. (here’s great article on what’s what in main mast shackles and slugs from sailrite.com)
  2. Install USB ports for charging phones and VHF radio
  3. Purchase new VHF radio
  4. Purchase 2 self inflating offshore life-vests
  5. Purchase LED bulbs
  6. Remove  LORAN unit and antenna (the antenna is old and covered in fiberglass splinters which will get embedded in your hand if you grab onto it)

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